We are seeing an increased lack of urgency in positioning. The key is to move early, work hard, be in the best running line to judge passes and to get to the next breakdown to have presence and make more accurate calls. Even when referees start off doing this, they often relax around 15-20 minutes. Work hard from the outset and maintain high standards.

Here’s a short video on good breakdown positioning & running lines


Close to the goal line positioning is very important as we do not have TMO – you as the referee needs to be in the best position to see if a TRY is scored or not. If you follow the process below it will put you in the best position to manage the breakdown close to the goal line and to see if a try is scored, which should then be at your feet.

Simple approach:
1. Attacking Line: Position to ensure ball is secured.
2. When ball is secured, move to Defensive Line but be sure to still have the ball in visual contact.
3. If they pick and go right, step back as they drive toward you.
4. If they pick and go left, move across in in-goal.

If another ruck forms, repeat 1 again, then 2, etc.