• USA Rugby CIPP
  • MARR
  • NASO


  • Mileage at federal IRS rate ($0.575 for 2015)
  • Tolls
  • $10 meal expense for games > 125 miles

DISTANT MATCHES ( > 125 miles)

  • Distant matches within the PRU sometimes require overnight stay and/or air travel.  Clubs in Pennsylvania are required to provide lodging for one night for a referee, if needed.  At its option, clubs may use a home or hotel.  If a hotel is used, the club may cover it directly, make reimbursement to the referee, or the referee may include the cost on their end-season report (in which case, the Society will reimburse the traveller and bill the club).  Officials other than referees (such as ARs and evaluators) assigned to distant travel should make advance arrangements with the President or Treasurer.
  • A referee or other official may choose to fly or use a rental car for travel to a distant match.  If the cost of travel is less than the cost would be at the mileage rate, or if the travelling official will accept reimbursement at the standard mileage rate when the cost is greater, no advance approval is required for such arrangements.  For greater reimbursements, advance approval is required from either the President or Treasurer.


  • Where the Society has covered the member’s travel expenses, the referee must pass any payment back to the Society.
  • For informal exchanges, if a referee or other official receives payment and passes that payment on the Society, we will then reimburse allowable expenses for that match up to the amount of the payment.
  • N.B. Accepting payment for a match, especially if that payment exceeds the official’s direct expenses for getting to that match from where they have stayed, may create taxable income and require reporting to theIRS. Furthermore, accepting payment for officiating may have consequences for one’s personal liability insurance policy and premium, as officiating changes from being a volunteer to paid activity.



PRU Appointment

  • When travelling outside the PRU on appointed exchange from the Society, all reimbursable expenses must be approved in advance by both the President and Treasurer.  The Society usually covers only airfare and expects travelling officials to minimize costs to the Society, without going to extremes of inconvenience.  For foreign trips, the Society will provide a few small gifts for presentation to the hosting Society.

MARR or USARRA Appointment

  • When travelling on MARR or USARRA appointments, officials must request reimbursement from the appointing entity. The Society is not responsible for reimbursing expenses related to such appointments.



  • Mileage for transporting guests to and from assigned matches and airports/train stations will be covered as regular trips to matches.
  • Restaurant meals for the guests and one member will be covered up to $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $30 for dinner (including tax and tip) without prior approval.
  • Additional hosting expenses (e.g., tickets to sporting events, other admission fees, or expensive meals) approval must be obtained in advance from the President or Treasurer.



  • Full Members: the Society pays all course fees for Referee Levels 1, 2 & 3; Touch Judge Levels 1, 2 & 3; and Referee Coach/Evaluator Levels 1, 2 & 3.
  • Non-Full Members: Individuals who pay their own course fees prior to becoming full members (which requires refereeing two matches assigned by the Society), can have their course fees reimbursed upon request after becoming full members.



  • Travel expenses to its meetings or for food and drink at its meetings.
  • Travel to courses.
  • Gifts given to hosts while travelling on exchange.
  • Ground travel while travelling on exchange.