Overseas Exchange Reimbursement Guidelines

Overseas Exchange Reimbursement Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to hosts regarding Expense Reimbursements for our visiting overseas guests.


Our goal is to manage exchanges to a budget, while still ensuring our guests have fun.  


Please contact Riaan van Greuning (Treasurer) or Jason Walloch (President) if you have questions or concerns. We prefer you asking in advance versus begging for forgiveness regarding money matters! Overseas exchanges are one of the most fun things we offer as an organization, this requires that we act as excellent hosts, as well as ensure the treasury can support sending referees abroad. If you have a great idea that requires an expense, let us know!


Guidelines are based on Federal Per Diem rates and may be revisited from time to time.


Current rates:


$16/28 bucks


Example 3 guests for dinner + host = 28*4 = $116.


Lunch = 16*4 $64


Alcohol fueled binges are disallowed. Expenses above this amount may be reimbursed within reason, the guidelines are not meant to discourage people from hosting, but rather to provide guidance on where to take our guests while being fiscally responsible.   Alternatively a home cooked meal, Filet Mignon on the BBQ and some nice wines are fine, and encouraged, both to keep our guests well fed and to manage the overall exchange budget.