Game Level Codes

Game Level Codes for use when requesting allocations

We have tried to set up codes for game levels that are short and can be deciphered on the fly and that also have reasonable sort properties.
If you have a match that cannot be classified using this scheme,
please contact the Allocations Officer immediately.

Sex | Age Group | League Level | Side

M = Men or Boys
W = Women or Girls
Age Group
A = Senior (Adults)
C = College
H = High School / Under 19
S = High School Freshman-Sophomore / Under 17
Y = Under 15 or other younger tackle games
O= Old Boys/Girls
0 = Premier or SuperLeague (RSL, WPL, CPL, etc.)
1 = Division 1
2 = Division 2
3 = Division 3 (Div. 4 is lumped with Div. 3)
A = A side
B = B side
C = you really don’t think we have enough refs to cover, do you?
So: W, C2A = Women’s College Div. 2, A-side
If your club competes in more than one division we will set up teams for each division.