Society Dues
Annual dues are $20 per year.  They are usually deducted from the travel reimbursement check for the Spring season and considered paid from the time at least that amount is due back to an official.  If the new Bylaws are adopted, membership will carry through until 31 March of the following year.

USA Rugby Dues (CIPP)
All members of the Society must be current in their dues to USA Rugby, also called CIPP, before they take the field to officate a match or participate in a club practice with contact.  If one belongs to a playing club or another referee society and the Potomac Society, CIPP need only be paid once.  For Society members who officiated in the previous year and are continuing their membership, the Society usually pays CIPP through a bulk renewal process.  If a member pays CIPP directly to USA Rugby, we will reimburse that amount as long as that member officiates at least two matches from society appointments.

Mid-Atlantic Rugby Referees (MARR) Dues
Members of the Society are also members of MARR, even if they are not territorial level officials.  Dues to MARR are paid directly by the Society.

USA Rugby provides liability insurance for all of its members, assuming they have paid CIPP.  More information can be found at the USA Rugby web site.  Your own homeowner’s, rental, and/or liability umbrella policies may also provide coverage.  One of the reasons that the Society has decided not to pay game fees is that some insurance companies treat volunteer and paid activities differently when they provide liability insurance.  Membership in the National Association of Sports Officials provides a large amount of additional liability insurance when officiating or serving as an officer.