Discipinary Reports (Cards)

Yellow and red cards must be reported.

For HS rugby in Virginia, use this link.

For HS rugby in Maryland, use this link.

For Senior rugby, use this link.

Reports should include the following:

  • Reporting official’s name
  • Reporting official’s society
  • Reporting official’s email
  • Reporting official’s phone number
  • Reporting official’s role (e.g., Center ref, AR, IGJ, Sub-controller)
  • Presence of touch judges (and names/affiliations if present)
  • Player’s full name
  • Player’s CIPP #
  • Player’s team
  • Player’s position
  • Match level (A,B,C, other)
  • Location of match
  • Date of incident
  • Sanction (RC, RC resulting from 2 YCs, YC, Administrative Offense)
  • Offense for which penalized (cite law number)
  • Opponent team
  • Player’s team score at time of incident
  • Opponent’s score at time of incident
  • Elapsed game time at time of incident (MM:SS)
  • Half (1st/2nd)
  • Player’s final team score
  • Opponent’s final team score
  • Narrative Details (please consider including: previous warnings issued, provocation, relevant incidents after card, remorse expressed)